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Elena Stauss (CPM, LM)

Elena Stauss (CPM, LM) Bio

I am originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Midwifery is my passion. I am a certified professional midwife (CPM) and hold a New Mexico midwifery license (LM). Because I am bilingual (Spanish-English) I am able to serve a broad community of women in northern New Mexico.

I deliver babies in the familiar comfort of home. I can also provide prenatal care to those who wish to give birth in a hospital.

Education & Training

Before following my passion and becoming a midwife, I was a teacher of young children. I received my BS in Kinesthesiology at Instituto Nacional de Educación Física in Buenos Aires, and an Adapted Physical Education Specialist credential from San Francisco State University.

I began my education and training as an apprentice at a high volume clinic in El Paso, Texas. After completing the program in El Paso, I continued working with midwives in New Mexico while preparing for the national boards as a Direct Entry Licensed midwife. As midwives, we continue expanding our knowledge with continuing education classes, conferences, peer review, and with our diverse clientele.

Our midwifery license and certifications in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, Neonatal Resuscitation Program and Intravenous are renewed biannually.

Being A Midwife Is My Passion
Partera Elena

Partera Elena

All four of my children were born at home, two in Brazil with an Ob-Gyn (MD), and two in Miami with a midwife. Possessed of a traveling heart, I have made my home in Rio de Janeiro, Miami, San Francisco, and Northern New Mexico.

When not bringing new babies into this world, I work as a consultant for, where moms know me as Partera Elena. My husband Steve and I made our home in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Our children have left the nest and we are presently raising a dog and two cats.