Santa Fe Midwifery


Throughout my pregnancy, Elena was really there for me.

It was so amazing to have her come to my home for checkups. We listened to my baby’s heartbeat in the comfort of my living room, and we chatted over tea about all the joys, hopes, and fears that come with fostering the life of another being.

She always made me feel comfortable and unhurried. Elena’s presence and dedication made a huge difference for me and my family during my pregnancy and after. She has so much experience and a really profound love for the work she does. Although in the end, I was not able to have the home birth I had hoped for, Elena stayed with me and my partner throughout the whole birth experience.

I felt very comfortable with her as my advocate, and she really helped reassure me when we had to make some difficult decisions. She was also tremendously supportive during the time following the birth of my daughter, as we all recovered and adjusted to our new life as a family.

We chose Elena as our midwife not only because of her qualifications and experience, but because we felt so comfortable with her.

When Elena made her periodic visits to our home it was like having a friend over. Although she completed a thorough check up at every visit, it didn’t feel like a standard trip to a doctor’s office. Visits were about an hour in length with no time wasted sitting in a waiting room. All of our questions were answered and there was of course some time for laughs as well. We also appreciated that Elena was always a simple text message away any time we had a question.

We felt she really cared about what we wanted out of our birth experience and offered a wonderful birthing class in her own home to help us develop a birth plan. This gave us a clear picture of the birth process and really made us feel organized and prepared.

When it came time to give birth Elena was there to coach us through the early stages of labor by text message and when it became clear that it was the real thing she was at our home within minutes. My Labor experience was not any easy one and went on and on. Even when the labor continued over night, Elena was always encouraging and patient. One of things that is wonderful about midwives and Elena in particular is that she understands the natural process of birth and is never in any hurry to push things forward.

She was always ready to transport care to a hospital at a moments notice if medically necessary. Amazingly after 16 hours of labor Elena, along with the help of my husband, delivered a beautiful and healthy baby boy. Of course, getting the baby out is only half the battle. As some babies do, ours had trouble feeding at first and had a mild case of jaundice. Elena visited almost every day that next week. It was a huge load off our minds to have her reassurance that the baby was doing well and it was great to know that we could talk to her any time day or night if we had a problem or concern about the baby’s health.

Working so closely with Elena over 40 weeks of pregnancy and 6 weeks postpartum care has been a great joy for us. And although she is no longer our midwife we are happy to call her our friend.

I am a 34-year-old woman who did a VBAC.

I live in Santa Fe, NM and gave birth a month and a half ago at home with the support of a team of professional wise intuitive and knowledgeable midwives.

Looking for a professional healthcare provider who would support the attempt of my body to give birth vaginally was not as difficult as I understood it to be for the majority of women who live the same experience. Elena and her team explained the benefits and the risks of this path and with my family, we came to the same consensual agreement.

The information that I received about VBAC was comforting and practical. The prenatal visits were full of love and inspired me to keep preparing mentally and physically for the day of my dream when I would meet my baby. I found myself in the best state possible.

That day arrived and flowed like a breeze across the ocean, I was clear and listened to my body and my baby calling to follow the path like the birth I always dreamed of (a vaginal birth after a cesarean – VBAC).

The team of midwives arrived ready and with the best energy to support me and after 9 months of knowing each other we have a healthy and positive relationship. Their work was impeccable, the details given with care, care given emotionally and physically for me and my family, protecting me and waiting patiently for my body and baby to give birth in a natural rhythm, without any drugs except for warmth of the water, breathing together, the love, the support, a little bit of local honey, lots of sense of humor and the perfect company.

Now I feel that I am a living testimony of something that I did not think was possible and that I was made to think that I was not capable of doing.

Thank you wonderful life and body and you strong women that support other women to connect that key path between mother and daughter.


Elena has a kind and loving spirit making everyone feel very comfortable.
We had our first child in the hospital with an OB/GYN and decided to do a home birth for our second child and are so happy we did! There is no comparison to giving birth in the comforts of your own home. We are very grateful we were able to find Elena to be our midwife and are completely satisfied with her extensive experience.

Through the whole pregnancy Elena really gets to know you, spending adequate time with every mother at check-ups. She listens attentively to your preferences, expectations, desires, and fears, providing helpful insight, recommendations, and solutions.

Her natural and holistic approach to pregnancy, labor, and postpartum care, as well as her knowledge of western medicine and procedures when necessary, was very important to us. She is also a wonderful support and guide for breastfeeding and newborn care.

Her assistant Belin (training to be a midwife) is excellent. Belin is very thorough and detailed and we are happy she was apart of the birth as well.

Elena has a kind and loving spirit making everyone feel very comfortable. We now consider her a friend.

We will absolutely call on her again if we have another baby in New Mexico in the future.